Freestyle Whimsy

You might remember this post from the start of April and my question about styles... well, now I can reveal why I was asking :) Check out the latest announcement on the Aussie Scrap Source blog today! I am so flattered and inspired and excited to have been invited to join the Aussie DT!! For non-scrappers and non-locals, Aussie Scrap Source is the major wholesaler of scrapbooking supplies to Australia, and carry all my favourite brands, so I'm feeling pretty lucky at the moment :)

These are the two layouts I prepared for my first assignment - style lounge. Click over to the Aussie blog for close ups and the best bit that it is also a challenge for you. Submit a layout in my "Freestyle whimsy" style for a chance to win a pack from Aussie Scrap Source. The winner will be chosen by my style crush, Celine Navarro!

Do you think there are enough exclamation points for one blog post? Here are a few more!!!! LOL.

Other stuff around here is mostly photography, family and school stuff. Mum flew over from Adelaide on the weekend as all the kids - Kell's and mine - had 'Special Persons Day' at their respective schools, luckily on different days. So we all did the rounds, Sienna and Ash's school on Monday and Jude and Alannah's school was yesterday. They were all VERY excited to have Grandma there :)

I shot a very sweet wedding on Saturday and will show sneak peeks soon, have two more lovely Autumn-y family sessions booked for this weekend and am plodding through the art retreat portrait sessions from Byron Bay. I will share a 'creative women' post from those soon as well....

And tonight I'm roasting a free-range turkey breast with Sage, onion, pistachio and Mountain Pepper stuffing... mmm... before heading out to the kids school for a "family art night". I have a feeling Ben will opt out of that one ;) and after having many family nights at school involve some sort of competition - always bringing out the sensitivities in my kidlets who don't necessarily understand what is going on or why - I feel the need to support this new approach they are taking. Sport, no thanks, competitions, not my thing. Art? I can handle that ;)


simona said...

 i'm especially in love with the second layout, the page design, the details and most of all the wonderful color combos contrasting the black and white photo!
looking forward to seeing the wedding pics.

S. K. said...

you rock danielle! congrats!! love your work, as always. done with my little package to you. will post tomorrow :))
xx, sylvia from hh

Maxabella said...

Well done for getting to do the DT thingy. I still don't know what it is (even though you very kindly explained things) but I do know that you make me want to scrapbook. Your work is really artistic and interesting! It shows me that scrapping is probably very different to what I think it is in my head! 

Turkey for dins sounds great! x

PS - 'Hi!!' x

dquarmby said...

You are an awesome commenter (and reply commenter!) - I am inspired! So true
about scrapping, I have fun throwing the standard ideas people have about it
completely out the window ;)