This is a little gift envelope I received today from Hana-Jane, a NZ customer of Q Tea - isn't that sweet? Really cute things too, just waiting for a little mini-album to be made from them. Love the trees!
This morning we took these cupcakes in to school with Sienna - they have been doing a bee theme in her class, and she had to leave early on Friday so missed out on a few of the activities planned. So yesterday was bee-cupcake-making day and she took them in to share with her class today. It's also nice to show that you can have treats and activities just for fun, especially since Sienna doesn't participate in birthdays and that seems to be the only reason special things happen at school. I prefer the random fun stuff anyway :)

I made this little 'fairy garden' for Sienna on Saturday afternoon, with a couple of succulents and an XL goblet (it's about 8 inches across). It's missing a few little ladybugs and things I bought to put in it, but it's pretty sweet and is in her room now.

A couple of funny kidlets playing games on the couch the other day...

I still plan on getting one of these crochet sacs from etsy but am now thinking this grey below might be more my style than the chocolate brown - what do you think?

Speaking of baby Cedar, we've bought the kids a special gift each for when he is born. Since my kids don't read my blog I think I'm safe showing them here :) Only a couple of months now.

Ash has this shock-proof digital camera...
And Sienna this sweet dollhouse.

It's quite big though, I will have to re-think her bedroom to find a place for it! It's funny choosing, the same amount was spent on each item but one is super small and one quite large. Both I think are great choices for their personalities and interests at the stages they are in at the moment. Ash needs to leave my camera alone, LOL, and Sienna loves role-play and making up stories and characters.


Marissa said...

Hello Dani,
Those cupcakes look oh-so-yummy! And the gifts for Ash and Sienna are just adoreable!
I too like to grey wrap for baby; i think i may order the chocolate brown one for my baby.
Can you re-post me the link?
Hope all is well.
Big Hugz,

Marissa said...

Oooops just realised you DID post the weblink! my bad

Unknown said...

That baby crochet sac is the cuuuutest thing!


Rebecca Vavic said...

Gorgy One...
I dont think you can go wrong either colour... I really think of you as more a chocolate brown... maybe that is with the contrasting green in the pic. Dunno? Just feels more *you*...

The grey is lovely too tho, so either way you will do your spectacular photo magic I am sure.


Rebecca Vavic said...

AND sweets... those gifts for Sienna and Ash are wonderful.
You and your man ROCK!

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I love the little fairy garden, love it.
I am going to have to do this with Ruby!
It's been so long since I checked out your blog and as I catch up with all the posts I have missed I am really wondering why I have let so much time pass before coming back...........
Grrrr, posting anonymously, Blogger won't let me sign in