Thirties style

On Thursday Sienna had a 'Special Persons Day' with an old-fashioned theme - guests and students were invited to dress up 1930's style, as this year the school is 75 years old, and it was established in the 30s.
Kell came as Sienna's special person for the indoor half of the morning, and then we went and picked up the boys from kinder.

After that I dressed Ash up in my Poppa's old hat and took him back to the school for the outdoor games.
Sienna had a few emotional moments, but at least they make for good photos :P And what responsible mother wouldn't take this shot before talking her out of the tantrum?

By the end of it she was quite grumpy - apparently everyone kept telling her she was beautiful and it was annoying because they were all saying the same thing. Oh my, what a little miss! She does make us laugh though.

Kell and I were remembering a colonial-dress up day for the bicentennial in 1988 when we were in primary school - a photo of Kell and another student with a teacher making damper over a campfire was published in the local paper at the time :) I think I even have some photos on the computer somewhere (not of the newspaper) ... ok I found one but I think it is from a different dress up day that I don't remember at all. Funny tho ;)

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Unknown said...

Sienna... you are NOT beautiful !!!
LOL! They are SO funny at times.