A stream full

My funny little people this morning. Right when we were supposed to be walking out the door, but I was photographing a layout quickly before sending it to Scrapbook Creations and Sienna wanted in on the photo action, funny kidlets.

So, today. A bit of kinder work - rescheduling some important things in the office since the cluster date has been pushed by YET ANOTHER month. It was going to be April, we knew that was wishful thinking, so were banking on it being 1st May. Then it was really truly going to be 1st June, at least until yesterday when we found out it is confirmed for 1st July. I have to say it's a much less convenient date than 1st June. I was all set to have it sorted, the follow up admin stuff done and out of the way BEFORE baby 3 is due to pop. But apparently not. Bloody kinder and being their bloody treasurer. And excuse my French but it is damn annoying.

ANYHOW, I did manage to post two layouts to SC this morning, getting ahead of my deadlines. I have one more layout to send before Cedar is born, and am saving the next one due in July for after so I can hopefully use pics of our new arrival for that one. Cutting it a little close given my habit of being a couple of weeks overdue, but I'm quite excited at the prospect of scrapping while Ben has time off from work to help with the kids :)

Am going to the movies with my lovely sister tonight to see 17 again, should be a really fun movie (well, Kell has seen it already but is up for a reprise so I figure that's a good sign). And I feel like lighthearted - yay!

A bit of scrapping and some more decorating has been going on, but the decorating is not photo-ready yet and I forgot to photograph the latest 'just for fun' scrap page - will share in a couple of days.

Annoyed this afternoon that I can't get Sienna's test results until tomorrow afternoon AT THE EARLIEST. Doctors, hmmph. Make a 5 year old girl go through an hour and a half test with a painful bung in the arm episode of screaming and being held down by mum and doctors - not nice - and then we have to wait to find out what it was even all about, and if there was any point at all. And we still haven't heard anything about the heart echo she had a couple of weeks ago. I just want it answered and over with, but that will be another couple of days it seems.

Something fun, though, Sienna is booked in for a try out session for this drama class, so she might have that happening during terms 3 and 4. Her teacher and school guidance counsellor both think it is a great idea for her, and I think she should enjoy it, so am looking forward to finding out more at the try out in a couple of weeks.

Yep, a stream full of random randomness. And now it's time to walk through the rainy old hills to get Sienna from school - time for gumboots and umbrellas Mr Ash!

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