Whimsy and rollerskates

There's this etsy shop I just love, and it seems that a few times a year this artist uploads a collection of jewellery. Anne Julie makes it by hand and it features her illustrations. The idea is to be subscribed to her blog so that you get advance notice of the upload, and then you can check them all out on flickr ahead of time. The only glitch - she's in France. So her upload time was 6am Monday morning.

I was all like, oh man. So I didn't set an alarm or anything like that, but I did have it on my mind. And when I woke for the bathroom just before 6:30 I hopped online to see what was there. Out of the 63 necklaces she uploaded, 56 had sold in that half hour already! Wow. Luckily I loved this - one of the ones that were left - and promptly checked out of etsy with 'Alice in Wonderland - Magical Leaf' in my shopping cart :)

Another recent purchase is this print from littlestflower... goes rather well with the tree theme we've got going for our boys here (Ash and Cedar).

Fun news for me - check out the Willow Crafts Blog! (My bio was what I wrote in the submission email, LOL, I didn't realise it would see general public release!). I'm really thrilled to connect to this UK and international community of scrappers and find out what they'll have for me to do :)

Ooh I have rollerskates. I'm quite excited - I bought them from ebay and they were supposed to be size 11 but actually they only just fit (so more of a 10), but they are red and white and I'm looking forward to skating around all nostalgic like :) Sienna has skates too, I picked them up from a garage sale, but they are really too big for her which makes it harder for her to balance. Since she's really quite into the idea I am looking out for some that will fit her now. If anyone has any girl's size 11-12 skates they don't need... it's going to be quite fun!


Unknown said...

Love the purchases.
Congrats on the DT gig, looks like fun.
Happy rollering :)

Rebecca Vavic said...

I can so see that necklace on you. Perfect :)

Lucy said...

Talk about a flashback... my sister and I had rollerskates exactly like that when we were growing up! Spent so many hours rollerskating! Love it!