Ash's new domain

Not quite finished, but close enough to show... I've just spent a few days redecorating the old study to be Ash's bedroom. Final coat of paint on the last bit of wall went on this morning, by dinner time he was all moved in :) I plan on changing his quilt cover, and there are still some blank walls and toy storage to sort out, but it's pretty much there.

Unfortunately I can't get the colour right in this stairwell pic, but I have to put it in 'cos this tree looks cool! LOL, not perfect close up but not bad for a freehand drawing on a high wall (um... mum, you don't want to ask how I got that high at over 7 months preggers, hehe)

Custom You-Are-Awesome print by Kal Barteski

Neverland original painting on book paper from elsiecake on etsy

I also made this baby blanket recently, it's like a pram blanket or throw really, made out of vintage chenille and embroidered with trees from Elsie Flannigan's Autumn craft kit which I bought last year. Each side has the four patches of chenille, and it is quilted along the centre cross. I've never embroidered like this before (cross-stitch, yes, but this is a different technique completely), and it was quite fun :)


Unknown said...

WOW Danielle!! How awesome is his room!! LOVE!

Hayley said...

Thats looks gr8! Luv the Ash on the tree, LOL ur so funny with wat u get up to so preggers! lol not that there is any reason u shouldn't xx

Donna G said...

I love it Danni! You should be so proud of yourself!

Kelly said...

Looks fab chica!

Diane said...

Awesome room. The colours are so powerful and so right.
Love the stairwell tree too. I think painting and pregnancy go together well.

Melissa said...

Danielle,LOVE this room! The colours are great.I also, love the tree on the stairs. Love the old quirky chair and case.

Unknown said...

DQ... so totally cool girl!
I love this ... it's wonderful.

Donna G said...

I love it Danni! You should be so proud of yourself!