Wrist warmers... yes, really

I am wearing the wrist warmers Sylvia knitted me. And I have a blanket on my knee as I sit in an armchair with laptop at hand. It's COLD. So weird when Saturday was the hottest day ever recorded in Melbourne. This week is cold.

These pics (above) are from Sienna's second day of school, when I apparently had to photograph her alternative summer uniform - shorts and top. Ash wanted to get in on the action as well ;)

Sienna's wall decals arrived, and have been put on the wall, a little bit by the door (above) and most of them between her toys and table. She thinks they are beautiful, so that's the job done I guess, LOL. She still needs a new painting or some other sort of wall decoration.

My last piece of fabric arrived the other day and I have decided it will make cushions for the couch - piccy above of the fabric draped on our vintage red velvet lounge suite.

A whole collection of initiatives and appeals have begun to contribute to the Victoria Bushfire Appeal, and with over 20 bushfires still out of control across the state we can only hope the threat will dissipate soon. The Dandenongs are still out of the danger zone.

The blog Meet Me At Mikes has a fantastic list in the middle bar of the blog with a variety of ways to help with the appeal. Some that I plan on supporting are:
  • Shopping at Coles and Safeway on the days each company will be setting aside their profits for the Bushfire Appeal - for Coles it is this Friday, for Safeway the following Friday.
  • On etsy there is a new seller specifically selling for the bushfire appeal, as well as a whole bunch of individual sellers adding items to benefit the appeal - simple search for bushfire and they will come up. I bought a necklace this morning with the benefits going to the appeal, it is a great way for people who have more skills than money (such as myself) to make a contribution. I'll be adding some artwork to benefit the appeal later this week.
  • This auction for scrapbooking items on ebay is also for the appeal.
A big shout out to all the CFS firefighters and other volunteers working to contain the bushfires and protect as many people and properties as they can. Ben's stepsister's husband is one of the South Australian firefighters currently in Victoria helping with the fight, and the spirit of selfless effort these volunteers contribute is just incredible.

I just went to see what Ash was doing, and found him like this, sleeping cosily in my bed! I just hope he doesn't wet it... hmm... it's pretty cute though. He had such a weird sleep, bedtime was 4:50pm on the way to get Ben from work, and that was it! So he also woke very early and is obviously catching up now. It is very rare for him to nap during the day, so this is good :)

It's kind of more official now, you can actually tell that I'm pregnant (as opposed to just podgy I guess, LOL) and the kids got to hear baby's heart beat yesterday afternoon at the midwife appointment. It took her ages to find the heart beat, which was at least partly because the kids were hovering around me watching her and kept making me laugh. Especially Ash, who was saying "babies? oh no!" and looking concerned at me, among other helpful comments from both him and Sienna. Anyhow, all is fine. Our 20 week ultrasound is on Friday.

One last pic of my funny kidlets, just to lighten the mood a little on this cold Summer day :)

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sylvia said...

Man, the weather is going crazy everywhere! But I'm glad you can wear your WW :) Lovely pics of the kids! Can't wait what the news will be on Friday! Was just thinking of April 2005 when you were over here and pregnant with Ash. Good times..