Oh yeah, Upwey

OK so there is a fire in Upwey today, the kids and I were actually in the Main Street of Upwey across the road when the sirens went off - very loud! It started at 2:30pm or so, and we decided to leave after 5pm after the wind change pushed the fire back toward Upwey, mainly because of the smoke. Also there is just no reason to stick around.

There is heavy smoke and ember risk to an area of Upwey south of Burwood Highway (personally, we are north of Burwood Hwy), where Kell's house is, but the fire itself is further south, past Glenfern Rd. Kell and Roh and their kids, Reeze and Bodie are at Rohan's parents place, safe in suburban Bayswater. Ben and the kids and I went up the hill and are staying with some friends in Olinda tonight.

Long story short, we're all fine, and none of us have stuck around at home :)

I'm going to have to scrap scrap scrap when I get home, I have layouts that needed to be posted by Wednesday for a deadline, one of which I haven't started yet!

Hope everyone is well, stay safe.

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Cass said...

Thanks for the update Dan. I've been FREAKING OUT! So glad you're all safe, and not stay and defend people, it's just not worth it! Love to all of you. Cass x