School etc

Here's our little school girl, Monday morning. She's had 3 days so far, from 9am til 2pm each day, and is really enjoying school. She seems to be a bit of a wildcard as far as going back to the classroom at the end of recess or lunch, LOL, but she's getting there ;)

On Monday she unfortunately caught sight of me waiting for her on her way back to the class from lunch break, and took off across the school in the opposite direction. Eventually a year 6 boy helped me get her down from the big kids' playground on the other side of the school from the prep classroom! Yesterday I hung back so she couldn't see me, but then she was escorted back to her class by the school principal - everyone seems to be getting to know her pretty quickly at least (I'm glad it's a small school! Less than 100 kids altogether).

Here she is getting stuck in as soon as we arrived in the classroom on Monday. Ash is more bothered by the adjustment to school than Sienna is, getting quite grumpy with me for leaving her at school! On the first day I took him for a baby cino after drop-off and took a pic of him in the cafe.
Did some scrapping at Kell's today while Sienna was at school, I have a deadline in a couple of weeks. 3 layouts down (well, the 3rd is *almost* finished) and 3 to go, all for Scrapbook Creations issue 67. I have the colour team and a feature article. So, nothing new to share at the moment.

Most of my fabrics arrived the other day to cover the window seat and make cushions, I am just waiting on the last cushion fabric and then I will head to a fabric shop to pick up matching cotton fabric to use on the backs of the cushions and window seat. In the meantime, I've ordered these Wall Candy wall decals for Sienna's room (even though hers is the only bedroom NOT getting re-decorated, I really wanted to add something new to the walls) and am waiting for them to arrive.
This other Wall Candy product - a rococo chalkboard frame (below) - is SO tempting me at the moment. I can really see it on my yellow kitchen wall... but can't justify it at the moment, so will just keep the pic in my inspiration folder ;)

My cousin Bec and her hubby Joel are staying with us for a couple of nights this weekend, am looking forward to some hanging out time with them! And Sienna is supposed to be getting her new goldfish at last, she had to wait longer than expected due to the heat, so she will still have someone to 'share' her bedroom with. Have a great week, keep cool :)


Anonymous said...

Awwww she doesnt look that lil in her uniform!! Soo Cute!

mezzo mish said...

Wow she looks cute! I bet it broke Daddy's heart to see her going to school aleady!

lusi said...

Sienna looks sooooooo sweet in her uniform and Ash looks really grown up at the cafe!
Love to you Dan,
Lus x