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I don't remember if I shared this yet, it is my colour team layout for the current Scrapbook Creations mag which just arrived on my door this morning. It's been out a couple of weeks, though. This photo is of baby Abby, my friends Kate and Dan's little girl when she was just new. The colour combo was violet and lemon. I finished the layout I needed to do for my current deadline, ideally I'd have liked to post them yesterday but since Monday night was spent as evacuees rather than scrapping as I'd hoped it would be, today will have to do. Should still get to Sydney by Friday, as required :)

I also uploaded the latest Q Tea Kit 'Monkey See Monkey Do' but when I started writing the contents I realised I'd gotten the picture quite wrong - it was missing at least three different items! So I'll be photographing it again later and replacing the current pic with a COMPLETE one. Wouldn't that be handy?

This pic is of the four kids at the assembly we had on the weekend, I barely took any but I like this :) Kind of vintage processed. Mostly used actions from here.

Ash is excited about his new toy - a barrel of monkeys. Isn't that retro or something? A nice simple toy that he is having fun with, and only $5. Yay for everyone :)

I wanna get one of these for baby 3, but which colour? Maybe just the chocolate brown? A green would be nice, but chocolate brown might be more versatile as far as which hat he could wear when I photograph him, like red or another brown. It's all about the photos, after all ;)

I love etsy, I have to say. Such a great vehicle for individual creative people to put their stuff out there. Isn't this cute and cheerful? I've custom ordered a baby hat from here - and she's just in New Zealand - awesome! This shop is based in Sydney and she has a dragonfly and rose necklace I adore, among other things to admire. This artist from France makes me want to sew on paper and get all whimsical. Virtual window shopping is fun!


sylvia said...

Oh yes, love these Etsy shops! I'd go for the chocolate brown one, too!

Anonymous said...

Dani, you've opened my eyes to the world of Etsy! I bought a gorgeous pair of earrings from which the proceeds went to the Bushfire Appeal (they arrived yesterday, i'm wearing them now and EVERYONE at work are in awe of them).
Ebay, iOffer and now Etsy... shopping online is sooo easy and addictive!

Oh yea - i like the chocolate brown one too!

Anonymous said...

Heyy beaudiful Danielle !!
Haven't been visiting for aaaages !!
and wowwww this LO is totally amaaazing !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. thanks for the sharsies... I too am crazy about baby beanies right now... since we are having a winter baby... makes sense hey!!

I **LOVE** that little cocoon, how adorable. Maybe I can use yours LOL!

I am so glad you've updated... I've been worried about you. I hope things are better now.