Home Time

We are all back home and fine, the fire in Upwey is contained and the weather today is good for helping the firefighters finish blacking it out... Photo of Birdsland Reserve (the fire began adjacent to the reserve and also went into the reserve) from here, virtual home of one of my fellow kinder mums.

Thanks for the messages of concern, phone calls, etc. I've never evacuated before but it was all pretty easy, packed a suitcase and some computer stuff, and we just went up the hill instead of down it to avoid the traffic. The CFA warning to leave early if you don't plan on defending is a pretty smart idea, if you can do it :) The kids were happy to have a sleepover at our friend's place!

There is a lot of CFA activity around, the firefighters are just amazing - a lot would have just responded yesterday and then not slept all night, as a lot of the big firefighting happened in the middle of the night. A lot of people around the streets having conversations with their neighbours, shopkeepers, etc, and I think a lot of people feeling the same gratitude that we are able to have that confidence - the CFA will do everything they can. Even though they are just people too. Pretty awesome.

Anyhow, I have a house to tidy and a layout to do today, best be off :)


Lou Spiden said...

Glad you are all safe, I checked your blog and Kel's yesterday as I knew the fires were out your way and was a bit worried!


sylvia said...

I was thinking of you all the time. I'm so glad you're all well!

mezzo mish said...

Birdsland is (Was) such a beautiful place! what a terrible thing to happen. Hey I heard a slasher started the fire, on a Day of Total Fire Ban! We had bits of black stuff falling in our garden and we are in the next 'burb. Lets hope Friday isn't going to be a bad day with the hot weather coming.