More for mum...

The four kids were very cooperative on Saturday, and all looked super cute once again :) Love the photo of Ash and Jude, they were being so cute, little 'buddies' playing together.

This is one of a few self-portraits I took in the car on the way to the convention yesterday morning - I liked my hair and was trying to get a pic of it, bit tricky tho as I only took my fixed 50mm lens with me. I like this one though :)
OK so yesterday afternoon they weren't quite so cooperative, or at least Miss Lana wasn't, LOL! It was actually quite funny, they kept switching places and moving away from each other while I tried to get a shot.
The theme of the convention was 'Guided by God's Spirit' and yesterday morning included a fantastic symposium on all the aspects of the 'fruitage of the spirit' (Galatians 5:22,23). So I am determined to work on being mild and having self-control, among other things. But those traits certainly come in handy when dealing with young kids, LOL.

Hmm other news.. I am getting quick excited putting together November's Q Tea kit at the moment. October's is great, but is all organised so I'm working on November and December. It is a funny thing, as the kit I am currently hyped about is always a couple of months away!

I got a new notebook last week to be a sort of art journal, it is full of kraft paper and I'm quite looking forward to sticking stuff in it. New Sassafras Lass is arriving soon in Australia so I am keeping an eye out, can't wait to play :)


Unknown said...

Great photos, even if they weren't compliant lol Love the 'busy-ness' of the photos and the real life action that kids have.
Gorgeous photo of you!! Gee you look young, take that as you will lol.
Looking forward to the sneaks of the new kits. Hoping to come home from holidays with cash lol
Hope its a super week.

mezzo mish said...

The picture of Ash and Jude is just so CUTE. I love it! And your self portrait is so lovely. The hair-do does indeed look good! I have to say that Siennas outfit is just adorable. I wonder if you made it?