I did a mixed media painting called 'City' yesterday (my day without the kids - yay!) inspired by the Regina Spektor song 'Us'. I've had the painting in my head for WEEKS so it is a relief to actually make it, even though it turned out differently, as usual. I still like it though. I painted over one of my paintings from March or April, Shadows, because the kids had stood on it and made a gash in the canvas. So I made the gash part of the painting and stitched it up when the rest of it was finished. I like this one as there are details in there you wouldn't notice straight away. Hard to get an accurate photo of it, though, as the gel medium surface is kind of reflective.

Exciting news - my 6"x12" layout 'Paper Wings' from Saturday (the one of Sienna in her special dress) won the challenge I made it for on Scrap In Style - 50 (US) dollars worth of scrapbooking goodies from some very cool brands - yay!

Also I forgot to add the journaling from the layout 'Fierce Love'. The challenge was to make a layout about that word, and I wrote this stuff on the page just as I was thinking about it, but then it turned into more of a background and you can't read it. Luckily I wrote it down on a notebook before continuing with the layout.

"The something about a mother's love, the tangible connection to one's own flesh and blood, to one's own spirit in evidence by the mere fact of their existence. The strength of the woman to carry and bear a child, the part of herself that is born in each of them. This bond creates a love of such magnitude that she will not allow any threat to her children to go unchallenged, any fight to go un-fought on their behalf. Worse than a woman scorned, there is no power, no fury, like that of a mother protecting her children. You mess with my babies, you mess with me. Fierce love."


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gawd. This is absolutely fantastic Danielle. Perfect. I loved your Paper Wings LO too. Congrats on the big win!
Cheers, Leanne

sylvia said...

Love your journaling, so poetic and strong. The painting looks cool, although it must be 1000 times better IRL!

Debra said...

love that song, the colours are so rich.. gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

stunning words, so beautiful and true.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your painting - far out girl you are incredibly gifted!
Congrats on your SIV win too ;) So well deserved and your fierce love journaling is sopt on - you sure know how to write :)
Love Lus x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win. Your painting is awesome. So awesome