Scrap, Scrap and more Scrap

Lots of layouts to share - my second Rouge de Garance one (loaded up with Bam Pop as well) for Kiti Q, and also 'Rundle St', the layout I did last weekend.

Three new ones I did yesterday for the Scrap In Style boutique celebrations - basically just for fun, I just like having 'challenges' to prompt me :) Really happy with all of these, might try and get the last couple done today. Hmm maybe. I still have lots of photos to edit!


Scrapsister said...

OMG Danielle, that 6 x 12 is stunning :0 Love them all...but that one is amazing.

Anonymous said...

wow totally amazing! i too love the 6x12... *jaw drops* (again)

sylvia said...

These are all great. Love the 6x12 one (of course ;-)) but my favourite is the sweet 17 with all the cute details!!