Scrapbook Creations 47

These are the layouts I have in this month's Scrapbook Creations mag - I had a feature booked but I believe that will be in 48 (I am looking forward to that one, it's a fave project).

I've been scrapping a bit this week, but stuff for mags so I can't show yet. Have also been packing October's Q Tea kits - Real Men Drink Tea. There are a few still available at this point, in case anyone was wondering ;) Hmm what else. I got a whole bunch of photos printed yesterday, so should be set for scrapping for awhile!

Finished editing the photos of 'Little Ben' the other day, here are a couple of favourites. I like photographing bubs, they're so little. And they stay still (usually) LOL. The rest of the photos are in my flickr.


Anonymous said...

Danielle, your work is ALWAYS so breathtaking and totally inspiring! I am in AWE!

Anonymous said...

fabulous layouts and gorgeous photos. will keep them in mind when taking photos of my new niece.

Anonymous said...

love every single bit of those pages!

Brenda said...

Those LO's are fabulous Danielle, but those photographs are TO DIE FOR. Wish I could have had you photograph my babies