Sales and other stuff

Fireside Crafts are having a fantastic sale, with an additional 20% off their already below-RRP prices! The sale includes the current Candlelit Kit as well as any remaining stock of previous kits - stock is limited, though, so be quick if you don't want to miss this fab discount!

Also on the associated stores subject, I've just converted almost all of Kiti Q's class kits into pdfs, and they can now be purchased as a stand-alone item. As they are delivered digitally, you won't get charged shipping, and each class kit is essentially an online class. Single layout class kits are just $5, I'd love to see some of these made up with newer and different products! If anyone decides to give it a try, please email me what you come up with :)

I'm having a bit of a brain strain trying to remember what I wanted to blog tonight. Sienna seems to have returned to normal programming (getting up after 7), but Ash still wants me up by 6am, and if I watch a movie or anything at night it doesn't add up to quite enough sleep. So, brain fuzzy.

Oh, I did patch my favourite jeans yesterday. Used the SIStv challenge of being inspired by an image from the film 'Marie Antoinette', so used similar colours and a bit of guipure lace to reflect that feel. All decorative now, I am just glad I get to wear them again.

Also did a layout for another challenge on SIStv, which was to recycle inspiration from the SIStv gallery. I lifted a layout by Jennifer Pebbles, which you can see here. This is my page, about my personality type. I like re-reading the type descriptions sometimes, they remind me of things that are just who I am, when I've started to think I'm just a reject because other people aren't the same. I'm glad other people aren't the same, LOL, but still, it is good to read about how different parts of a personality type sort of combine to identify us. Not by our history or interests, but by our reactions to things, our emotional preferences, our thinking processes. Stuff like that. One thing I like about my type, which I forgot to write on this layout, is that INFJs tend to 'inspire others', which is cool. The main reason I put all this creative stuff out there. Also so I don't just throw it away. Two-fold ;) If you're curious, there is a good online version of this test here.


Barbie said...

love the layout and those pants seriously are awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

mmm just did the test and what do you think? ;)

Unknown said...

I did the test. I'm a INFJ too.

Love your jeans.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm INFJ too, although I think the result is not specific enough. Anyway, love your layout. It's great to know that you are normal, sometimes :) LOL. Hope to catch up sometime next month. Have fun on Sunday.