Online Class

Here is the sneaky peek for the online class I'm doing for Crop For Kids in 3 weeks, on a Friday evening. The time of the class just means you get to chat as you go and ask questions and stuff, but if it's not a good time you can still purchase the class and check out all the instructions for at least a few days after the official class time :)

The cost of the class is $10, with all proceeds going to Crop For Kids fundraising for the Royal Children's Hospital. There will be a very small number of product kits available on Kiti Q including the items I used in my mini-album, with 25% of the profits from the kits also being donated to Crop For Kids. However, you get the materials list either way and can replace items with those from your own stash, change the theme, whatever! Let me know if anyone has any questions, email Crop For Kids at to register. This will be my first online class that involves actual interaction - very exciting!


leewoodside said...

Love love love this!

sylvia said...

Looks really cool, hope to see more of it soon!

jilly said...

Oooooooooh.....this looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! :)
Lus x