Bite worthy

A few weeks back, I visited the dentist for the first time since I was in school. So, maybe 15 years? I'm 30, I finished school at 16 but don't recall going to the dentist during year 12, though I could be wrong. Anyhow, a long time. It just seemed like an unnecessary use of money, when on a strict budget, and then time drags out, and before you know it... 15 years. Or so. The closest I've gotten to an examination until now was taking the kids in for their check ups.

So I went and had one of those super-thorough and it turns out quite painful cleans, and an examination. Tomorrow I'm going back for my two fillings (I thought that wasn't too bad for such a long time without dental care) and three - count them, three! - wisdom teeth extractions. Yes, in the chair, and no, I'm not going under. It has been kind of freaking me out ever since that a lot of people I've told have been like "Oh, no, not in the chair!"... I don't know what that means! Is it a bad idea? It's what the dentist said to have done, so that's what I'm doing.

I'm quite apprehensive. But this time tomorrow I will have three less wisdom teeth, and I believe a referral to a specialist who will need to perform surgery to remove the final wisdom tooth. I doubt I'll be in a hurry to get that done, given the expense. I also have to get an occlusal splint (or something like that), because I am apparently grinding my canine teeth away as I sleep. As for the recovery, I have made sure I don't have too busy a week, at least that I only have work I can do easily from home and without too much pressure. But life waits for no pain, so I expect it will be juggling kidlets and such like it is normally. I have relief tomorrow, with my lovely sister Kell taking Cedar and the older kids in school and after school care. So it should be fine, I'm thinking.

Do I have any idea what I'm talking about? What have been your wisdom teeth experiences?


small forest said...

Your teeth look perfectly fine to me.
I still havent had mine out. It has never been mentioned so I wasnt about to ask!
Ill be thinking of you, x

The Kooky Green Owl said...

Even productive in your sleep! I had mine out 10 years ago and got them done one by one under a local because they were charging $100 per tooth as opposed to $1000 all in one hit... hope it goes well tomorrow- they give you painkillers too. Yippee! :)

Cass said...

Hey Dan, I've had 3 out in the chair. Not all at once though. The dentist did a side at a time so I could still eat as easily as possible. It doesn't hurt but it does feel a little weird. I highly recommend a no pressure week though. The worst part for me was feeling yuck from the stuff that oozes over the few days afterwards. Charming I know...sorry! PS - We will organise our photo order this week. I am so sorry I forgot. We looked and have been meaning to sit down and decide which ones, but we keep forgetting! Cass xx

sylvia said...

oh, PERFECT question for me. you know, when it comes to wisdom teeth... i'm the expert hee hee. i had 4 (four!) taken out at once (all in one surgery) not sure what "on the chair" means but yes, i was on the chair and had a simple local anaesthesia. the specialist who did it (not a dentist, a surgeon) said it was unusual to have all 4 taken out at once without a general anaesthesia, but this is what i wanted. in knew i would never come back if the first 2 had been bad. it was professionally done so i didn't even have swollen cheeks or so (i had ice on them 24/7 though...) i kind of stared eating solids after 3 days... so all in all, it was not so bad. i'll be thinking of you! xx

bappleicious said...

I had most of mine pulled out in the chair.........dont fear it - you will be fine

simona said...

I had 2 pulled on the chair. Just have ice ready to cool. Even if you don't feel anything after the surgery, cool the cheeks non-stop to keep the swelling down! And treat yourself to some delicious baby food. I got some tasty mango sauce and had mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, and creme of mushroom soup when I felt like "real" food.
And last but not least, rent some good movies to make time fly by :)
Hope everything goes well!