Pinterest Pretties

Pinterest is a mighty addictive website, that's true, but I've started realising how useful it is as an alternative to bookmarking things in your browser.

So, see a yum recipe with an inspiring photo? Pin it to your Pinterest boards and both the image and the link to the original source will be saved for you AND shared with others! Yay! Same for craft tutorials (I have a mega long bookmark folder just for tutorials). Pin one of the images, and it will link to the source. It's also handier to have a visual bookmark instead of trying to remember what the page names mean in normal browser bookmarks.

Some of the categories I save things in are 'For the home', 'Photography Inspo', 'Scrapbooking Inspiration' and 'Garden love'. I'm slowly building collections, and a lot of them are from following the pins and boards of people I know and who inspire me.You can follow my boards too. Feel free to pin anything from my blogs or website that inspire you :) Fair warning, though, Pinterest is a visual wonderland, it's easy to lose time there!

Ooh, I just posted a recipe for one of my faves, Wattleseed Affogato, on SWS.


The Kooky Green Owl said...

Yep, very addictive but also very inspiring:) keep on pinning:) x

sylvia said...

yes, it is sooo addictive, but i love it too, for the same reason, i stopped using bookmarks. i even pinned all the things i had in my bookmarks list...