Planning and Doing

I've got a quite specific to do list at the moment - on this day do that, do those things by these dates and so on - to last me most of the month. One of the things on my list was planning my Newcastle trip, which is now mostly organised, flights are booked and it's definitely on. The photo above is from a family session I did in the Hunter Valley in March. I remember thinking that the Hunter area was more scrubby and Aussie bush than I expected (compared to the Yarra Valley quite near here) and that there were so many more rivers and waterways than I knew about.

This trip I have a couple of slots left for sessions, and I'm also putting on a Loving Light Chapter One photography workshop. Saturday 10th December, 4-7pm, in Newcastle. I'm not sure where exactly, yet, as I am still asking around and doing research from a distance! I usually choose a fairly quiet reserve or park, preferably one with slightly overgrown grass or something a bit more relaxed like that. If anyone has any spots in Newcastle that they know of, let me know :)

Today was a public holiday here in Melbourne, so I had the kids home all day with me, but Ben was still working. I set up crafts at the kitchen table, which kept Sienna and Ash occupied for quite a few hours. I ended up spending a couple of those hours fashioning wheels and axels out of cardboard and foam for their various constructions. Sienna's was a small toy train out of an empty baking powder canister. Ash had made a space ship that was also a car (I talked him out of the boat part, it was supposed to be all three but he would have then put his cardboard creation straight in the water).

Cedar's been unwell all week, so he's pretty cranky, but nothing serious. I'm a little cranky this evening as I put my full memory card down on my laptop table and came back to plug it in, but it had vanished. Since I had photographed two scrapbooking projects on it that need to be uploaded tomorrow (one of those deadlines), I'm hoping it just miraculously turns up during the night! Either way, I'm sure I'll be less frustrated about it in the morning.

Also, the kids have swimming lessons through school for the rest of this week and all of next, so they are super excited. Sienna has been debating the pros and cons of allowing her head in the water ;) It'll be interesting to hear what they have to say about it when they get home, they both loved their lessons last Summer and I love the fact that getting them out of the pool and dressed won't be my problem this time!

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