3 things swirling around in this head of mine

This is my first time joining in with 'Grateful' via Maxabella.

Grateful for... dreams and aspirations. While it can be frustrating at times, or confusing when trying to work out what those dreams are, I am grateful that the dreams and aspirations just keep coming. They change, but there are more than enough to choose from and that is more than enough to keep things going. From business direction to armchair travel to redecorating the house. Yesterday visiting IKEA, today booking in advertising for Curiouser in a wedding mag and planting more herbs in the garden with the kids. Inspiration.

Grateful for... Sienna. She turned 8 a week ago and she is still quirky, a bit crazy, very creative and very funny, but she is also growing up. I'm glad that she is growing up slowly, it means I can usually keep up with where she is at. I can laugh at her teacher telling me (in a nice way, though it sounds weird) how exhausting she finds Sienna with how easily distracted she is and slow to do, well, anything. LOL. It's true, but she is also growing such a lot in her understanding of things and the way she is able to think about things more fully, even if it takes her more time than you might expect from neuro-typical (non-Autism-spectrum) kids. She has such a good heart, despite those things that don't come naturally for her getting in the way.

She is also hilarious, kind of like those dogs in the movie 'Up' distracted by squirrels. Shopping with her and her friend Imogen at Chadstone last week was super funny. It's like 'oh, tree!' and 'oh, mirror!' and 'oh, pretty!' with all sorts of things OTHER than what we were looking for. Gotta love her.

Grateful for... google calendar. Making plans and looking ahead, keeping on top of to-do lists and getting deadlines straight is so important to my ability to keep my head on straight! Ben and I share a google calendar that I use for pretty much everything around here. Sessions, editing and scrapbooking deadlines, appointments, playdates, whatever. Gives me a clearer picture of where we are at.


Maxabella said...

Welcome, welcome! I have always loved your bog and it's just such a delight to see you here, Danielle.

A brilliant entrance too. Your birhday girl is so beautiful. x

tatum said...

lovely things to be greatful for. sienna truly is beautiful. we must get together again over summer, you are coming to Adelaide no? have an excellent weekend. t xx

Kate M said...

She is breathtaking. Great post Danielle. I too keep a calendar otherwise my head would actually fall off.

I need to do some of these grateful posts I think. Stop & smell those roses once in a while.

Kate M xo

Jodi@TheScribbleDen said...

What a gorgeous post and a gorgeous girl. xx

melissa said...

That is such a beautiful photo - but your words are even more beautiful. I just found your blog via the link up and I love it!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

wow first time Grateful, i'm glad i stopped by because this is a lovely place and what awesome things to be greatful for... i love dreaming, and creativity and getting excited when an idea or project is taking shape!! enjoy the ride xx

simona said...

8? she's 8? wow, time flies. what a beautiful picture. how perfect she looks with her cute little face, the soft but wild hair, and the delicate lace top. from how you describe her to be: this picture says it all over again.