A bit shy at blogopolis

The thing I find most interesting about a blog conference with a pretty heavy focus on networking, such as Blogopolis (which I will be attending on Saturday), is this:

How many people are the people on the outside that they are online?

I'm not talking about anything freaky, pretending, faking, law-breaking or any of that stuff. But I know that I write reasonably instinctively how I think without worrying too much about it. I do self-edit on my blog more than I do in emails to friends etc, but essentially I write how I think.


However, I do not SPEAK how I think.

So I am really not quite the same person on the outside. Or at least, I am a lot less likely to be, in real life, meeting new people, the same 'voice' as I am online. Now I don't expect to meet any of my blog readers on Saturday, except for a handful of friends I hope to catch up with, so I feel safely anonymous in that way. But having read that there is enforced allocated seating, to prevent any forming of familiar groups and possible exclusion of individuals, and to foster maximum networking opportunities and all that jazz, totally freaked me out! Don't get me wrong, I think it's a very smart idea, and a good idea, and makes sense. But it puts me well outside of my comfort zone, that's for sure.

So I might just be a tad tiny bit shy at blogopolis. I will also be at the pre-conference drinks and don't expect to be quite as shy at a bar with a couple of friends nearby, but even so. Time to suck it up, and see how I go. If all else fails I will hide behind my camera. Actually, I will probably do that regardless. But I promise I will be nice if anyone says hello ;)

And if I'm accidentally sarcastic, please don't be offended. It means I like you.


Lauren Boase said...

I believe you have written exactly what I have been thinking...and I don't have a camera to hide behind :) xxx

Nadya said...

...what a beautiful post xox

sparklepanda said...

I wonder if the majority of bloggers are like that. I know I am. My "written personality" is definately authentic and there isnt much I wont write about honestly but it is very different to how I present in person, especially alone at a conference like Blogopolis where I would definately feel like the smallest fish in the sea. Social phobia gets in the way of so much, dammit!

I love that you are sarcastic to people you like. Means I'm not the only one who gets mistaken for being a rude uncaring bitch!


Kate said...

I do believe we are twins in feeling this way. I feel confident to write how I want [although I totally think about school, in-laws, parents, siblings, my kids when I blog, and edit alot] but in person, I am definitely shy or do the opposite & laugh real loud & silly things because I super shy. And to compound, I don't drink alcohol!
And man, so behind & owe you email. Hope your stay in AdL was great. Next time xo

Magdalena Franco said...

Hopefully I'll get a chance to say hi... I'm going too :)

artsy ants said...

you go girl! you know what? i liked you instantly when i met you for the first time - wow!- 7 years ago. and hiding behind that camera is absolutely fine. loving the last pic!!