Just Reality

I was reading on The Craft Revival about the plan for a day of 'Just Reality' posts on social media, and thought I would take part. I'm preparing this post a day early and scheduling it, and decided to share a picture of my current work space. This is one corner of my bedroom, which is luckily the biggest room in this l'il old home of ours, and while it varies it is MOSTLY covered in piles of scrapbooking bits and pieces, cables, papers, tools, paint, laptop and tablet, mugs etc. in a pretty ramshackle kind of, ahem, mess.

Sometimes I blog here and sometimes I pull the laptop into the lounge room - especially at night time while watching some sci-fi tv or The Mentalist or Bones or Castle. I am definitely more productive having a desk, though, and try to set up here when actually intending on achieving something substantial.

Glamorous? Um, no. But I'm fine with it. One little part of my 'just reality' around here :)


Maxabella said...

It looks like a place that I would love to hang out. No wonder you are so creative! x

Magdalena Franco said...

I love it!  thanks for playing along :)