Toot Toot

This is my 'steampunk' themed layout from the latest Scrapboxx newsletter. I love this photo of Cedar in his Polkadot Lane hoodie that Kell made him, looking quite the funky monkey with his little pose there! I made this page when on my girls' weekend away, and rather enjoyed scrapbooking on the floor in front of the telly and the fireplace, not worrying about little people I even left my things out for the night. On the ground. It was quite a thrill (the excitement never stops around here, I'm telling you.)

Cedar loves loves loves trains, and calls them 'Toot toots'. He is pretty fond of anything on wheels, actually, and while he used to call all of them 'Toot toots', he has now progressed to distinguishing 'car' 'truck' 'bus' and 'toot toot'. His speech is developing really well, and he is an enthusiastic little parrot. We'll have to be careful what we say ;) As always, of course. Hehe.

One of my favourite things the kids have accidentally picked up is Ash repeating 'dammit' (which I must stop saying) but re-interpreting it as 'Bam it!', which sounds rather fantastic actually! I might just switch to that... it sounds kind of Flintstones or super hero or something.


artsy ants said...

LOL, "Bam it" I love it!! Same enthusiasm here with all things train, car and truck. Spencer's favourite is a 1956 Ford Pickup which is not a toy actually but he got it from Simona's father-in-law. He is quite obsessed with it, actually, even takes it to bed sometimes (just now napping with it...)

dquarmby said...

Oh isn't it funny... I get the comments that it is a boy thing, but Ash was quite different :) I'm glad that our ikea train sets are getting a work out at long last!
Napping with his car, oh what a cutie!