One of the main reasons for visiting Adelaide during the school holidays - no photo shoots, barely any catch ups (just one family day) - was to help my cousin Bec with a working bee on her house. Here are the bigger things we achieved, with the help of some other lovely people includingmy sister Kell and her husband Roh (gas plumber extraordinaire, he fixed the toilet AND installed an oven, as well as painting the ceiling)... On the day of the working bee, the main thing achieved was the preparation, undercoating and ceiling of the blue room, which Bec and I finished during the following couple of days. It went from this:

To this (though the wall colour is the same as the 'after' hallway pic and that one is far more accurate)

The hallway was just Bec and I, though, and most of my clothes and shoes are now covered in paint! Not that it's very unusual for me for that to be the case. To be fair. Here is how that room changed style (and actually looks better than this in real life, where you really get the feeling of the 12ft ceilings)

The other big visual change was the front yard and fence. Bec's mum totally sorted the whole yard and pruned the rose down like crazy, a friend put the remaining pickets on and the kids and I painted them a few days later.


Kelly Ingram said...

Man, that looks so much better - so fresh and inviting! Well done chickadees xx

Nadya said...

wow! so much accomplished in such a short amount of time! it looks great!

artsy ants said...

great work. the high ceilings and the white doors look familiar ;-)