To market to market

These shots are of my market stall at GrassRoots, in Upwey, just over a week ago. It went quite well, though it had kind of an accidental vibe. As in "oh, look, a market, I'll have a look"!.

The next market I'll be at is Mulgrave Maker's Market on December 19th, and I'm still tossing up whether to do the twilight market on December 22nd - what do you think?

Here are a couple of new canvases I did before GrassRoots. I only sold one canvas that day, which was unfortunately before I took photos of all the new ones, so I don't have a picture of that one. Oops! I will just have to make another, as it was one of my favourites! So another thing I'm tossing up at the moment, is, do I add these to my madeit shop? There are a bunch more, they are mostly 8"x10" for $30 each and there are a few 12"x12" for $40. Then make more for the market? Or.... take the pressure off and hold on to my market stock? Thoughts, anyone? Online shoppers and market goers alike?


Lauren said...

Love love LOVE the Jeff Buckley canvas!! x

Anonymous said...

Can't you add them to your store then close or put items on hold [vacation type mode] the night before the market? hedge your bets!
Kate M

PS. looks great dQ xo

simona said...

I just forgot for a moment you're having summer. I was a little shocked you'd set up a stand in December :) I'm freezing right now!
(Sorry I can't give you qualified thoughts on this market thing, have never done this before. I like seeing much selection though if I go somewhere.)