Scrapping SC and Scrapboxx

This layout was from the Top 10 - masking - of the October Scrapbook Creations... one of my favourite recent layouts, actually!

This next assignment was for Scrapboxx and was to be inspired by neo-impressionism. When I read up on it, the genre wasn't very concrete, except that it was agreed to have begun with this famous Seurat painting. So I decided to start with that. It is a bit muted for my liking, but the papers I had handy (and I had about an hour free to do this in!) suited well enough.

Cedar is really funny at the moment, his favourite word is "Ash" and he was sitting in his cot in the wee hours, just practising saying it to himself... "Ash.... Ash... Ash". He does actually realise who he is referring to, but also just seems pretty happy saying the name!

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