We are...

so blessed that each of our children came to us crying and breathing and surviving. Right now my heart is aching for Ben's stepsister, her husband and two girls. Their baby boy Sebastian was due this month but died this week. The happiest time has turned to the saddest, and there's nothing to say that can make that better.

As a mother I remember holding my breath before ultrasounds and monitoring, not ignorant of the possibilities, but not really believing it would happen to me. And truly truly grateful and appreciative of the gifts we have, for each of them when they safely arrived. So, when hearing of such a tragic loss, not only for his immediate family but also for nan & pop who have lost their grandson. Helpless to help, I have this book on the way to them and I hope that it's ok. What else is there to say, except how sad. How deeply and desperately sad. Hold your babies close, for we are so blessed that we have them.


Anonymous said...

I too am desperately sad for any family with such great expectations only to be dealt a cruel cruel hand.
You are right, no words make it better & no doubt they will carry the loss in their hearts forever. Time heals a little & I hope they will try again for a little ray of sunshine in their lives when the timing is right.
Just so so sad Danielle. So sorry to hear it. I think all mums [& dads & of course everyone] would carry a heavy heart around hearing this kind of news.

kate m xo

Anonymous said...

What a terrible loss for your family. So sorry to hear that Danielle. hugs- Eileen

simona said...

So sorry to hear that. This should never happen to anybody.