In the Sun

So the other week I pre-ordered the new She & Him album, as I completely adore the first and it is one of my favourite sing-a-long cds. Was thrilled to pop on to MeetMeAtMikes blog today and see a video clip of the first single In the Sun - SO gorgeous. It *should* arrive at the end of the week. Yay!

And that reminded me that the new Angus & Julia Stone album came out on Friday. I was undecided about getting it or not, but have been listening to one of their other cds a lot this week quite happily. So I popped on to their myspace and as soon as I heard 'Big Jet Plane' I was sold. And then the strings come in. Awesome. I can SO imagine Sylvia and Jeff singing this chorus to Spencer about their big trip to visit Simona & Philip in April! Actually haven't got it yet, as that was an hour ago, but I will. Probably the special edition, but I like this cover picture better :)

What are your newest music loves? Or perhaps new songs by old loves?


sylvia said...

I actually sang it to Spencer twice yesterday!and he was in awe (not because of my voice, though, hahahaha)

simona said...

How cute! Can't wait for Spencer to start singing himself!