I haven't drawn a portrait in years and years, drawing is not my passion, but I just felt like mixing it up yesterday. I did a couple of quick drawings with water-soluble crayons.
I'm also stitching up a library bag for Sienna with a little felt 'fox in the forest' scene on one side, Sienna's latest obsession is foxes. Will share when it is done, I have just run out of black embroidery thread though!

This photo of Cedar last night cracks me up.

Now I can hear he is awake after a not-long-enough morning nap, considering that I have kinder duty this afternoon and he won't have another decent sleep all day (being out and about). Ash is telling me he doesn't want to go to kinder, but he says that all the time. He just wants to do what he is doing. When he actually gets there he runs off without a fond farewell! Also it's the walking he doesn't like, LOL, but since he hitches a ride on the end of the pram most of the time he can't really complain. I guess I could, though, since I then have to push him, the pram and cedar up and down the hills of Upwey while convincing Sienna to walk along as well... It is a beautiful day to be outside.


Morganism said...

Oooh, I actually really like the portrait of the woman.

katie jean said...

I love your first drawing. The eyes are gorgeous!