King of the World

Loved making this 'just for fun' layout with Kate Mason's gorgeous patterned paper designs. They fit my style somewhere alongside Daisy D's Wonder Years (my fave range ever, there is a house on here from one of those papers) and Prima Flirty Little Secret... really arty and warm and lovely! I think I spot some Cavallini - love it! I might need some of their rubber stamps...

Sienna used to say this all the time, that Cedar is King of the World and she is the Queen!

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Anonymous said...

oh what a sweet post to read, thanks danielle xo
and a huge cavallini fan and have almost everything in my cstash but actually no, not in any of these papers. the eggs came from a napkin, a serviette! fancy that.
cavallini [annoyingly and sadly] cannot be used in any piece that is to be sold or where reproductions are to be sold. i wrote to them long ago to get permission and they were very clear on that. i wish i hadn't of asked, although unfortunately ignorance is not bliss and certainly not a valid excuse if you get busted.
its annoying that i spot little cavallini 'snippets' in other work i see around, available commercially, and now i know i cannot use it myself. still, maybe they are all finding napkins or other cavallini rip off snippets to include? who knows?!

ok, so there's my ramble for today...
have a good weekend
kate m xo