Possum adventures, by Sienna Quarmby

Once there was a little boy. It was a possum boy. He runned away from his home and found a boat. He went in the boat and found a pirate hat and put it on his head. And then he found a bag with two telescopes in there.

His hat didn't fit on him very well. He swam in the water to the beach. He went to the beach, put his hat off and put it in the boat. He left the boat and put the anchor out. He hanged it somewhere, left all his stuff in the boat and dug a lot.

He found a bit of treasure and opened it up with his tail. And he said "wow!". He put everything out so he could look at them really well. And he said "wow! there's gold". He put everything back in there. He was so excited, he kept it. He was going to take it in his boat and also take it home.

He was super excited he found a treasure. He put it on his bench, he popped his hat on and was very excited. He went in the boat. And he fixed up the anchor and drove home. He said "mum, I found some treasure and found a boat" and the mum said "let me look at the treasure" and then the possum said "ta-da!". And mum said "wow! great stuff". And then a possum said "there's gold at the bottom" and then he said "let's shut it now". And that's the end. And then he went in bed and dreamed about him in the boat. And that's the end.


Qube said...

That is completely awesome! Did she tell you that story on the way to school?

Hayley said...

LOL That is SO cute, very well done Sienna xo

lusi said...

She is such a darling and incredibly creative like her beautiful mumma :)