The form of light - Exhibition part 1

The way I do exhibitions is kind of funny in a way, in that is quite exciting but at the same time it is not that my art has been selected, or I have been asked to show. I simply mention to the cafe owners who I know fairly well now (I did a photo shoot of their kids a couple of years ago) that I would like to do another exhibition and we slot in a time.

The very first exhibition, which was two and a half years ago, I did show my photos to them first to get approval. But both exhibitions since then (mixed media July 2008 and this one) have just been my asking for an exhibition slot and bringing my work on the day of set up. So it is a cool thing, but it is also something I have made happen quite independently. It is an exercise in self-esteem, as well as resilience! I know that the sort of work I do, especially the mixed media stuff, is not something that appeals to everyone, but at the same time I get some really lovely feedback and encouragement as well.

For this exhibition I really wanted to make the pieces accessible to your everyday Upwey cafe-goer, and worked out this combination of collage, ink and photography to be a great balance but something that can also only take me a relatively short amount of time to produce. The apple tree canvas is the biggest at about 24" square, and is $110. All the others are 16"x20" on a 2" deep canvas and are $80 each. I am able to use the same photos multiple times, at the same time as each piece being uniquely messy and handmade. Here's hoping they sell as it will be spending money for Germany :)

Does that sound shallow? Of course I love the photography, the messy creative process, etc, but the aim is really to be able to bring some extra money in. This exhibition is for Germany, whatever sells beyond what it cost me to put on. The process of public display and getting that feedback is also invaluable, so the whole process is quite nerve-racking and thrilling at the same time!


Qube said...

Just checked out your FlickR, and the Have Ya Bean Cafe looks great! Look forward to seeing it in person, probably one morning this week.

Cass said...

Hey Dan. Looks great. Love the "conversation" one! Well Done. C x

lusi said...

These are ALL gorgeous Dan :) Love love love the conversation canvas esp.
Well done honey :)
Love Lus x

Teresa said...

Awesome Dan, I love the 'conversation' canvas, the bright colours in it are fantastic. Can't wait to see them all in the cafe. Hope it's a huge success. Love T