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This weekend I am part of a giveaway over here on Ali's blog, go leave a message for a chance to win these three canvas panels among the other giveaways on offer!

Someone said these sound like bad pick up lines, I think they were talking about this one with the line "I will take a photo of your smile and place it in my memory" which made me wonder, as I have the advantage of knowing the poem where the line came from and had not thought about how it might sound out of context (it doesn't worry me, I don't feel the need to take myself THAT seriously, but it did make me look twice!). Kell said she liked it so I thought it must be fine. In any case I've decided to pop the whole poem here as I often use lines from it and it might add meaning for anyone who buys those pieces - it is a poem I wrote as a teenager (14 or 15 I think) and is something nostalgic for me.

We Will Wish on a Dandelion

Anyone want to come outside with me?
It's raining, but we can fix it.
We can sit in my garden,
me and you, and we can
have a good conversation.
I will know you better than
your toes do.
We will dream together
and make a wish
on a dandelion, as if we were
still little kids.
We will laugh together
and have a good time.
I will take a photo of your smile
and place it in my memory.
We will cry together
and you will hold me
as we cry for what was
and what is.
We are a circle together
and we will know who we are.

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pakosta said...

what a beautiful poem!
I LOVE IT! I found your link through Tara Whitney's blog!!!

tara pollard pakosta