One two three

 She is 6, determined that she "doesn't want to be in grade 1" (to which I say, let's worry about that in February, sweetie), makes an almighty mess doing crafts and scrapbooking every day, has been making cute buildings out of lego (she has some pink blocks from a Belville set Kell got her and loves them), got $5 pocket money for cleaning her room the other day - a huge task, with Ash's and my help - and added it to her piggy bank money to buy a Silvermist fairy doll (from TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure, one of her fave movies at the moment).

She got quite scared during 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' but luckily the scary scene resolved itself before she physically left the cinema (she was halfway to the door), and is looking forward to seeing 'The Princess and the Frog'. Last night she had a huge amount of trouble sleeping as she kept imagining bugs around the room and was getting really upset and scared of them. An audio book of 'Draw Close to Jehovah' eventually calmed her enough to sleep, sometime between 10:30 and 11. This morning she came into my room looking sad and tells me "I know why I am so tired. My mouth hasn't eaten anything yet." and starts crying - I'm thinking she isn't feeling well! Today we are at home and after I've done some cleaning we will get crafty.

 Ash tells me this is his pirate face, sans patch of course. Oh man, look at his grubby face! At four he is the same weight as Sienna (18kg) and is 106cm tall (she is 110). Pirates are his current love, though he also plays secret agents and super heroes with great enthusiasm! He is sick at the moment with a chesty cough and watching 'Backyardigans' on the couch, but I will switch it off soon and give him a book or some lego. With his pocket money for helping clean and some of his piggy bank money, Ash bought three mini sets of Pirates themed lego and is most impressed that he now has a tiny lego pirate map, snake and fish!

He can be a bit OCD with the way things should be done and if he has a tantrum it will be as a result of things being different from his expectations. He has a receptive language disorder, so this trait comes from that - he is very capable, it is simply the language that he doesn't understand well. Body language helps, and he is a fantastic problem solver! He is strong and independent, dresses himself easily every morning and changes himself during the night if he wets his bed (about once a week, or less often than that, he has been night-trained for about 4 months now). He is cuddly and happy, affectionate and sociable!

Ah, the baby boy... Cedar is growing up so so fast, he is 5 months now and starting to wear some 0 size clothing as well as 00 depending on the brand. Cotton On - one of my default brands for kids clothes - is smaller, so he is 0 there. Sooki Baby, one of my faves for babies, is bigger so he is 00. I'm collecting winter-y clothes for him at the moment so size has come up a lot while I try and work out what he will fit in - it is snowy in Germany! He is a content, bright and happy baby, adores his big sister especially and just got a gorgeous tree rattle from cousin Alannah, who made it with Auntie Reeze yesterday morning as a gift for Cedar! He slept in a hammock until about 3 weeks ago, and now he sleeps in a bassinette but will go into a cot when we return from Germany.


Brigitte G. said...

heyy Danielle,
haven't been visiting for quite some time and just a quick comment to wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2010 !!

ps: looooove your pics :)

simona said...

Nice watching your kids grow.
How beautiful Sienna is! And the boys so are cute as well. Hope I can meet everybody again one day!