Forever Barbie

I took Alannah and Sienna to the Forever Barbie exhibition at Federation Square yesterday... lots of ideas for making them doll clothes, they both loved all the sparkly outfits best ;) I let each of them choose one Barbie to buy, which was quite funny - Alannah chose one she had seen before at Target and wanted, it has a bath tub and two dogs. She was very excited that the Barbie's knees bend, which her other Barbies don't. And it is apparently so wonderful that her pink lipstick matches her pink ruffly shirt!

I liked Sienna's choice - though the outfit is a bit skimpy, LOL. As soon as she saw it she was desperate to get the Supergirl barbie. It's actually a collectable, with a certificate of authenticity inside the box, but nevermind that now ;). She is actually Sienna's first Barbie, all her other dolls are Disney (Giselle and Edward, Jasmine, Mulan and Ariel). So it's been all about superheroes since then.

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