Baby, it's cold inside

Well, it's colder outside (or at least, I think it is!). Took the kids to the playground yesterday afternoon, but as soon as the sun dropped behind the trees it was just too chilly and we came home again.
On Monday I finished what I'd wanted to get done in our bedroom - in the immediate sense, anyway - including finishing the white wall, putting up a photo of Ben and I (our official 10th anniversary shot, we've decided!) and swapping out the painting from the lounge room to go above our bed (though that wall is still the old off-white, hasn't been painted yet).
And in the interest of full disclosure, this is my 'creative space' in the left hand corner of the room... though in all fairness, half the scrap supplies you can see on the desk are actually Kell's.

The boy we are waiting for is still in here... and I am wearing these wrist-warmers and this scarf pretty much all day every day, inside our house. Most of this week I've concentrated on doing my MYOB data entry for the last financial year, which I finished last night.

The other day I had a fire going for most of the day, which was lovely, but we generally try and limit it to evenings and just have the reverse-cycle in the lounge going during the day. A heater for our room is on the shopping list for the weekend or next week at least! I also really want to take Sienna to see The Fox and the Child, but since it involves a city trip (or close enough to the city), I'm not sure when.
The new SC came out yesterday... my contribution is this layout of Sylvia looking gorgeous on her wedding day a few years ago

And last, but not least, Ash being silly in his new hoodie, which he loves...


lusi said...

Hello lovely :)
The bedroom looks beautiful and all ready for your precious little Cedar!
You are gorgeous Dan :)
Thinking of you heaps in the lead up.
Oh and that snap of you and Ben is lovely :)
Love to you all,
Lus x

mezzo mish said...

Love the decor...and I saw the sylvia LO yesterday, loved it! Just adore the touches of orange...take care...

sylvia said...

Oh yeah, the touches of orange - SO our wedding. Love the layout! And you look so gorgeousl Danielle, love that mirror self-portrait!!!

Rebecca Vavic said...

Oh look at your beautiful belly :)
I cant wait to see your little Cedar.
Thinking of you as you count down... wishing you a splendid labour sweets... you can do it :)
Just BREATHE and DO NOT PANIC *wry smile*... those were my mantra.
Love and hugs