Something I love...

...about these two is how much THEY love books. Ash in particular will often grab a book, sit himself on the couch and flick through it.

Some of our faves are:

Here are some on my wishlist:

My favourite places to shop for books are at Borders (Knox is our local store) and online at the Book Depository - free delivery worldwide, and also from some websites that sell all sorts of kids things, they have a fun selection on My Messy Room and Tinypeople (which I've mostly just browsed through so far). We also pick some up from op-shops now and then, we don't have any great book shops with kids books around here, unfortunately. But there are a couple of bookshops in Adelaide I like to visit when we are there - Mary Martin bookshop on Rundle St is one of them.

And huge congrats to my friend Bek on the recent arrival of Benjamin James... you are incredible and he is pretty darn cute!

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