Both window and actual shopping

Some of my fave stuff I've bought for baby Cedar...(I like more colourful things too but these are the more nature themed stuff I've bought, I haven't actually stocked up that much!) I also got him a fun Where the Wild Things Are tshirt, you can see it here at the top right corner.

I have this suit on layby for Ash...
... and this pair of shoes I just bought on sale at FrockYou -
I am crossing my fingers that they really do fit (according to the measurements provided they totally SHOULD but I've learnt not to get too excited until this is proven), as I've needed a ballet flat style of shoe but haven't seen anything I've liked - that will fit - for a reasonable price, but I love these ones.
I bought one pair of these Baobab pants - above - at a discount sale (I love the seahorse top too!), and am thinking I should just make my own... off to Spotlight I guess to try and find some nice thick stretch cotton. I made fitted bassinette sheets out of unbrushed jersey fleece the other day, they seem so cosy to me that I might try and find similar fabric in other colours for comfy clothes too!

Other stuff I think is super cute (though some of it is just too expensive, even with my genetically inbuilt bargain hunting gene!)

I love fairytale style skirts for Sienna, this one has that beautiful lace trim underneath.

We are all sick at the moment with a yuck cold cough thingywhatsit, and while sitting on the couch by the fire I've been handsewing some doll clothes for my niece Alannah. Sienna has started making requests having seen the ball dress I made for Lana's barbies, so I think it's a project that may continue - though in future with the sewing machine, which should speed up the process, at least when it's a little less icicle cold in my bedroom!


Little Snoring said...

Nice Selection... love the where are the wild things tee as well

sylvia said...

lovely stuff! love that Cedar and our little one will be wearing (almost) matching overalls!!!! i saw the soft red and green blanket and pillow in many shops in berlin. they are made in austria, but still quite expensive here, unfortunately. they have a green and blue colour version as well. and they are soooo soft!!!

Little Snoring said...

Nice Selection... love the where are the wild things tee as well