Fun finds and stuff being made

Here are a few things I've saved lately - for inspiration or just because I like them. First this poster from Elsie Flannigan reminds me of my hubby

And so does this poster from this seller on etsy, LOL, though I could equally use it to remind myself some days!

This is gorgeous, and inspiring... from madeleinesargent on etsy (and she's a local)

Love Natasha Morton's art...

And this lady's ceramic designs are kind of folk-lore ish and I find them really cheery and appealing...

I keep thinking this head cold is actually a sinus infection, and then deciding I am getting better - until the next morning when I realise it has actually not progressed much at all and maybe I should go to the doctor. But I can't be bothered really. This has been going on for a week now, and when I think about it not much has changed, LOL, so probably I should have done something about it LAST WEEK. There doesn't seem as much point now. Is that a contradiction? Well, whatever. It's still better than the whole-body flu thing that everyone in our house had a week and a half ago.

This girl had her school photos a couple of weeks ago - here is her headshot for Prep. As cheesy as it is, she is a bit cute!

Following up on my whinge about her various tests from the last couple of months, Sienna had a surgical consult on Monday evening. At the end of the day, she has got a blockage limiting the function of the tube between one of her kidneys and her bladder, resulting in an uneven function of the kidneys. Instead of them each working 50%, one is working 60% and the blocked one about 40%. While significant, it is not a stress - she is a generally well and healthy child. The next step is an investigative procedure under general anaesthetic, which she will have in a couple of months, so her surgeon can see exactly what is happening where the tube meets the bladder. Actual surgery will likely occur later in the year.

I made up this new crumble recipe last night - it is apple with Outback Pride Australian Wild Fruits, and an oats / brown sugar crumble. Very wintery and yummy! The trouble is light - as I tend to make recipes at night it doesn't make for fabulous photography.

This is what I've been working on the last week or so in the evenings, as well as some work for SC which I can't share yet. 'My Focus Journal' is for labour, I am trying to think positive! After a couple of kind of messed up labours (or at least the tail end of them, with PPH and whatnot), I have a new doctor and wanted to remind myself of various things to reduce the fear factor. Here are a couple of pages from it.

And these two came to stay a couple of weeks ago, I didn't take many photos but snapped these just before they headed home - my little sister Hayley and her 2 year old son Caden. Awww.... Thanks for visiting, sweets :)


Unknown said...

Cuteness to look at.
Love the photo of Sienna... so looks like you babe!
Focus book is lovely.

mezzo mish said...

I hope sienna's little tube can be sorted out asap. Dear little thing. And all the best for the hospital and new baby...lots of love mish