SC and me

These are my layouts from the current Scrapbook Creations , issue 67, where I have an article on using up alphabets in different ways.
And this one is the colour team assignment - Peach and Burgundy.

As for me and mine, we've all been sick with nasty colds since last Thursday. Today I am more tired than anything, because the blocked nose and coughing are making it hard to sleep, and it has turned into more of a head cold now. Many many tissues :) Tomorrow Sienna will be back at school and Ash has kinder, the two of them are basically down to runny noses and a bit of a cough now, but are happily playing and seem to have plenty of energy, so at least we're at the tail end of this thing!

My little sister from Adelaide came to stay, along with her 2 year old, for a long weekend so that was busy and fun (despite the house being overrun with tissues and panadol!). I took a few photos before they left yesterday morning so will try and pop them on the computer today.

Other than that I have started thinking about packing a hospital bag and that sort of thing ready for July, it's supposed to be less than 3 weeks now, which means (from my personal experience) that it will be about 4 weeks if Cedar goes the same sort of time as the other two did. So I have some things to pop out and buy to be more prepared for that, on my to-do list this week as well as making an article deadline next week for SC. Time for actual to-do-lists of the written down variety!


Wendy Smith said...

wonderful the couch in the wilderness look...gorgeous

Brigitte G. said...

Heyy beaudiful Danielle !!
been sooo long haven't been visiting here !!
Hope all will be well with your cold and oh my goshhh those LOs are absolutely stunning !!
well done !!!

lusi said...

Hey mate :)
Love your layouts - you make me want to think about grabbing my stash out again although the dust on it all is pretty thick these days :)
Thinking of you as the big day approaches.
Lots of love,
Lusi x

Wendy Smith said...

wonderful the couch in the wilderness look...gorgeous