SC Layouts as promised

My projects from Scrapbook Creations 61, they arrived home safely and I've photographed them now to share here (and so they can be added to the random pile of layouts without a home! I must get some more albums...)

And while we were tidying up a bit around the house yesterday, since we hired a skip bin for the week, I found this old window frame that has been there since we moved in. One of the panes was broken, so I smashed out the other one - that was quite fun :) - and sanded it down a touch to use as a big frame on our foyer wall. I like to change the entrance wall around every now and then, since it's the first thing you see when you come in the house. And if it looks good I hope it distracts any visitors from the chaos everywhere else, LOL.

Anyhow, the left side has this big metal 'Q' that I bought in Perth, and the other side has one of our family photos taken by the lovely Donna Wild a while back. I hung a couple of my vintage cameras above the frame, and a pendant that Viv gave me is just below it - I might move that around though, as I do actually like to wear the pendant sometimes (which might be hard when it's up on the wall methinks). Next step is painting the window frames (the actual windows, not the frame on the wall) in Porters Paints flamenco red. Fun stuff.


sylvia said...

Oh, lovely lovely! Wish you could come "over" and we'd do a funky painting session in our apartment, that would be so cool! Am also totally in love with these layouts, they're really YOU, full of travel spirit. Oh and btw, no I didn't get the SC with the customized tranparencies. Have a good weekend!

TheresaK said...

WoW!! That Disney layout is spectacular!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love your layouts!! They feel so free!!! i wish i could do layouts like these!!!


mezzo mish said...

i saw your layouts in the latest issue. Loved 'em! Love your window frame and the mega-Q...hey I saw heaps of vintage cameras at Tyabb antique shops this past weekend...they are so cute!

Wendy Smith said...

wow...that was a lot of Layouts to be published in one SC...gorgeous work and congrats on the cover too

Anonymous said...

wowwww love love love those LOs !!!
im such a fan of your work Miss danielle, always with lot of colours to bring my spirit up :0)
Hugs to you girl :)