Last day, little 5

Here is Sienna on her first day of kinder, in February of this year...

And here she was this morning, on her last day of kinder.

She tells us that even though she is a big girl, she is a 'little 5', as opposed to some people she knows who are a 'big 5'. This is quite literal - she just recently worked out that being the same age doesn't mean being the same size, LOL, or suddenly being able to do 'bigger' things.

I just posted the sneak peek for Q Tea's January kit - here 'tis. A bit more organic and vintage after the bright December kit.
I'm off tomorrow to Create08 with Heidi Swapp, the Melbourne event, with Kell and Cass. Should be fun, though I will need a big coffee in the morning to get me started! Being sociable before 9am is just a bit hard ;) If anyone else is heading that way, I'll see you tomorrow!

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