Hello London

This is what our back yard looked like (when sitting down in it) before I finished brushcutting it. Even though I know it needs to be controlled, I love the beauty of a wild meadow, so it always makes me a bit sad to cut it down - changing it from green and breezy to yellow and bare. It will grow back, of course, but I find it hard to understand why other people don't see the beauty in it. What I think of as inspiring and alive and natural is to some people just imperfect and unkempt. Like most things, it's not that simple. Anyhow, it's cut now. Because I prefer the green I usually only do it two or three times a year.

This is Jack, the little boy of some friends of ours, Donna and Brett. Below are a couple of pics of all three of their kids, Imogen (the eldest), Mercedes and Jack. We had dinner there the other day and I did a quick mini-shoot in the backyard :)

This is exciting for me - I have my layout on the cover of the latest Scrapbook Creations. It was a last-minute commission, but still wasn't guaranteed to make the cover so I was really pleased to see it had. My first mag cover, after a couple of years of publications, and it was one of my scrapping goals for this year, so I've just made it in the last month of the year - thanks to Kim (the editor) for the opportunity! I love this pic as well, the phone boxes are SO London and Sienna was so little, at 16 months old trotting around the place as though she owned it. V. cute.

I have 7 things in this issue (including the colour team layout of my friends - the Lloyd family - also on the cover as a thumbnail). I don't have any pics that I can find at the moment though, LOL, so I'll have to photograph them when I get them back from the mag. But there is the cover layout, the colour team layout, one layout in Jolene's Blind Scrapping feature, a journal cover in the top ten feature and three travel layouts in the journaling feature. Fun stuff :)


mezzo mish said...

Congratulations on a beautiful cover! I saw you had a squillion things in the mag, thats fantastic! I love the photos of the kids toes you took... I too appreciate the beauty of a meadow ...when I have taken my allergy tablet!

Anonymous said...

nice one dQ!! looks great! have fun at Heidi Swapp too!!