Creative Therapy

I was honoured to be asked to guest for Creative Therapy - the prompt was 'What is the best advice you've ever been given?' - check it out here. I have to say it was quite funny for awhile, as I just couldn't think of any. Do people not give me advice? (Am I that scary? Actually, don't answer that LOL) Well I'm sure people have and do, but obviously I don't listen to much of it. Or I just forget that it was advice and think that I myself am incredibly wise - possible? Hehe.

Seriously though, it was like a 'duh' moment when I realised that the Bible IS advice (as well as instruction, guidance, truth and so on). I am always writing down scriptures that catch my attention. My notes from public talks (church meetings) are scattered with big, loopy handwriting when I find a verse that makes me think and write it big with a whole page to itself. Then choosing one was getting difficult, but I decided to go back to basics and chose a scripture which in itself directs you back to the bible and to the fact that awareness of spiritual need is what makes me want to look into the deep things of God.

The other thing I mentioned on the guest spot is how I don't often journal or scrapbook about my spirituality, so it was nice to focus on a scripture for a project. For a change. It's also interesting timing, with christmas being this week. Most people would know that I don't celebrate christmas or whatever else. What has been really fascinating to me this year is realising how many people do know the various origins of christmas, the Winter solstice and pagan roots, and that it isn't Jesus' birthday at all and so on. Though it's obvious that it hasn't been primarily religious for a long time, certainly not for shops and things anyway! It brings home how powerful a social tradition is, it's really a very interesting thing from a sociological viewpoint.

I think because I find personalities and psychology so fascinating, that a mass social event (so to speak) is also really interesting. It is also really interesting to observe or hear various responses upon hearing that we do not celebrate... some people feel very passionately that things should be done, just because they are the things people do. The question is not why do it, but why not? Peer pressure on a grand scale, at least it would be if one was particularly susceptible to it. This is also an interesting social thing. Other people, much like myself, are more 'each to their own'. I do actually understand the appeal of some aspects of various celebrations, such as christmas, but have reasons that outweigh them. Other people feel quite differently, and different areas have different weight for them - like most decisions, it's a personal thing.

I got my layouts back from Scrapbook Creations yesterday, so will post the pages from the latest issue in a day or so :)

from - just one of the many stunning wall decorations / designs which I completely love (but could not afford - the shipping from France is A LOT) and now the shop has suddenly shut, so too bad for me and my wishful thinking :(


lusi said...

Hi dan :)
I hear you on the christmas thang - i posted on the same thing jus tihs morning. I just photographed the wall stickers on our bedroom too and will post these later - i think you'd like them; a bird cage silhoutte which cost $10 here. Let me know if you like it and i'll try and find you one from where i got ours :)
Love your layout too mate. Scripture is my bread.
Love Lus x

sylvia said...

Hey Danielle, fantastic LO! Think it would have taken me awhile to remember the Bible, it's just such an everyday part of our lives we probably don't think about it consciously (enough). With the Christmas thing, I made the same experiences especially this year, it seems. These 2 reactions from utterly not understanding why we don't do this as everybody does it, and people admiring us for almost exactly this reason.