New art, sold

So I made up some new canvases last week for the market, and I also made them into a third calendar via Redbubble yesterday - check it out here. There happened to be 12 new canvases! Happy coincidence :)

These (below) are the ones that sold on Sunday, so I will make prints of them but don't have the originals anymore. Most were 8"x10" and the square ones mostly 12"x12" with one 10"x10". I'll share the ones I still have another day - my posts are turning into long lengths of images!

That last one I donated to the giveaway hamper thingy, so it didn't actually sell, I just don't have it anymore!

Someone asked if I had any more with Jeff Buckley lyrics on them, I said - no, but I will make them if you ask. So if you have a favourite quote or lyric, and love any of the background photos, I am happy to mix it up for custom orders... I will have to work out a way of listing them on etsy with the choices somewhere easy to see. Hmm. That can go on my to-do list for later! I have gazillions of photos to edit!

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