Hayley's sneak peeks

Last week, the kids and I drove to Adelaide on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon I did a mini-session with my sister Hayley and nephew Caden. I found a little wild spot on the side of the road just on the outskirts of Hahndorf and we stomped around for half an hour... In the end, the other five sessions planned had to be cancelled / postponed due to Cedar's hospitalisation (yep, still here, but hopefully not for too much longer), so I was glad to have squeezed one in at least while I was here. Especially since photo sessions were the reason we were here anyway!

Haven't quite finished editing yet, here is a little taste to begin with.



sylvia said...

oh, i love the grass in the foreground, it's lovely!
really hoping Cedar is better soon and you can go back home! Thinking of you a lot. HUGS!!!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous photo's Dan, really love the B&W w of Hayley and Caden. So maybe another trip to Adelaide then....Hope Cedar is getting better. Love T xx