Post 601

How funny, yesterday was my 600th post and I didn't even notice until today :)

The shortest day of the year is over, Winter days will get longer now, bit by bit, until we reach Spring!

Plans are in motion for Curiouser sessions, if you or someone you know would be interested in any of these dates and places, please email me at with any questions or date preferences or contact Karen at Curiouser to arrange a booking.

Mid-August : Roxby Downs, South Australia (to be confirmed - minimum 6 bookings)
August 25 - 26: Christchurch and surrounds, New Zealand
September 21 - 28: Adelaide, South Australia
Mid-March 2011: Byron Bay, New South Wales


Hayley said...

Can i have one in Adelaide please :) xo

Marissa said...

Hi Dani!
Can I book you for a family shoot when you're in Adelaide next? Bout time Hayden, Liana and I had our first family photo session... and of course you're my no.1 choice!

Anonymous said...

When you're in Adelaide, I'd like to get a family shot done please. Thanks lovely

Unknown said...

The anonymous was me - sorry, don't know what I pressed!

Unknown said...

My friend Renee, her husband & 2 kids would like some pics when you come in September too, thanks xxx

simona said...

Mmmh, I didn't see Atlanta in your list... ;)