Oh sweet

Oh I want this bike... just as much for photos as for riding, truth be told. The hills around here are not super friendly ;) Reminds me to pull out my retro red rollerskates a little more often though, perhaps this school holidays... They are made in Melbourne I believe, I got the link via the Design Files.


Speaking of design, interiors are quite a lot on my mind at the moment, I am rearranging the lounge a little and have bought paint for the internal doors in the house - two are to be a surprise (and I hope they will look as funky as I imagine) and the other two will be black chalkboard. Yes, we have just four internal doors. It is not a large house ;) We do have two external doors as well, though. I'm not planning on painting them right at the moment. Ben heaves a sigh of relief. Hehe.


I am also rearranging a little in our bedroom, which has the unfortunate task of housing all my art, sewing, scrapping, clothes too big and clothes too small, books, frames, crafts and Rock Band guitars. Cello, massive paper umbrella thingy, Cedar, his cot and cupboard. Oh, and us. You know, bed, cupboard, wardrobe. It's a challenge to keep under control. ANYHOW, I worked out that my desk is just a big dumping ground, so am going to paint it and put it in Sienna's room, replacing her Ikea kids table. It will give her room for the keyboard (piano lessons) as well as her art stuff. Best thing - it has 8 drawers to hide her stuff away. Little hoarder ;) We will both be happier. So that is another school holiday project!

Not much non-digital creativity has been going on lately, but here is a fabulous layout by the equally fabulous Louise Nelson, using one of the photos I took of her during our recent Curiouser photo shoot. The next Adelaide sessions are now booking up, September 20-28, and Curiouser visits Roxby Downs from the 14th to 16th August - a few sessions are still available there :) Curiouser's facebook page is a great spot to keep up with what's happening, like us here...

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