I spent today...

...decorating the kids' cubby in a fairy forest theme as a surprise for them both. Ben took them out to see Monsters Vs Aliens, got them lunch, took them to a playground and ended up at a local cafe until I said they could come back! It took awhile, about 4 and a half hours, to do what is here. There are some more details I plan to add over time.

Curtains were made out of some fabric I found in the dress up box. This art supplies caddy thing was already in there, there is a new watering can sitting on it which was part of the surprise.

A Disney 'Fairies' calendar on the wall. Terracotta pots scattered around for chalk and other supplies to go in. A log and a toadstool cushion I whipped up this afternoon make a cute seat. The entire floor of the cubby house has been covered in artificial turf (from Bunnings). The butterflies attached to the roof are from The Fairy Shop at Salamanca in Hobart.

There are fairy lights strung across the ceiling, the beams have been painted a bright sky blue. The walls were painted a dreamy mix of pale greens and pale yellow, all roughly combined at the top with the blue trim.

I hung a mirror to increase the effect of the light from the windows, and to make it seem brighter in there. This stool I have had for awhile, I recovered it last night with this leftover piece of green houndstooth flannelette I had, and a scalloped knit trim in the same green. Concrete toadstools are scattered around the edges, they used to be out in the garden but the kids always cart them around and they get lost. They are from 'Fairies in Your Garden' in Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills.

The string of blue butterflies hanging down the left of this shot were a gift from Em in the post awhile ago. This little shelving unit we've had for ages, it was in primary colours and I am halfway through covering it in woodgrain wallpaper, but it was taking ages (this was yesterday afternoon) so I left the green bits showing for the time being.

I want to add some stuffed felt toadstools I am making, and some felt teepees from the RVA spring workshop I have been doing (in theory, I've been reading the projects and getting inspired, but not making many of them!). I was going to also add a tree silhouette to the wall with the woodgrain wallpaper, but I'm not sure now if it needs it. I'll probably re-paint the chalkboards as well. And I do need to seek out another couple of logs and make cushions to use them as extra toad-stools!

OK I'm really tired now. But the kids were very excited about it, so it's all good.

Edited to add: Check out my big announcement on Q Tea - just click here


Kate said...

The cubby looks ace Dan. So talented! I'm sure the kids will have much fun.

mezzo mish said...

Sorry to hear about Qtea... Hey I love the Cubbyhouse. And the butterflies are HUGE. Hope your trip to Hobart was a really good one...

vivian said...

cubby looks fabulous dQ! you sad about Qtea?